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Using living, fresh skin care is the only way to benefit from its full concentration of antioxidants and vitamins in that neutralize free radicals. Here’s why: our cells respond best to skin care ingredients that are enzymatically alive; when ingredients are alive they are able to activate the skin better and penetrate the epidermal layers of the skin on a much deeper level.

In order to keep the ingredients living, heating and chemical preservatives are not an option. Most skin care on the market, however, is designed to have a shelf live for 2-5 years, and thus heating, stabilizers and aggressive preservatives are required to extend their shelf-life.

The negative impact on the product is that most of the beneficial nutrients you are paying for are destroyed. And studies show that the longer skin care sits on the shelf, the more inactive its ingredients become. Worse, the oils can become rancid and filled with free radicals that actually accelerate the aging process of your skin!

So, don’t waste your hard earned money on dead skin care. Vasseur Skincare is alive and freshly made without the harsh chemical preservatives, stabilizers and parabens. And with our new, premium airless packaging our products retain their maximum effectiveness for up to one year.