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Morning Regimen: Foaming Cleanser, Mandelic Acid Serum, ALA, Day 25.

Evening Regimen: Foaming Cleanser, Mandelic Acid Serum, ALA, Night Cream or  Hydro Gel, BeClear 5 or 10 (3x per week), MaxiClear (3x per week), Reveal 10 (3x per week)

Other Products: Exfoliating Cleanser (3x per week), Papaya Toner, Hydroxy Glow Mask (3x per week), Oily/Acne Prone Skin Starter Kit

Morning Regimen: Foaming Cleanser, Serums, ALA, DMAE, Ester C, Day 25.

Evening Regimen: Foaming Cleanser, Serums, ALA, DMAE, Ester C, Mandelic Acid Serum, MaxiClear (3x per week), Reveal 10 (3x per week) 

Other Products: Exfoliating Cleanser (3x per week), Papaya Toner, Hydroxy Glow Mask (3x per week), Normal to Dry Skin Starter Kit

Morning Regimen: Olive Oil Cleanser, Serums, ALA, DMAE, Ester C, Idebenone Cream, Day 25
Evening Regimen: Olive Oil Cleanser, Serums, ALA, DMAE, Ester C, Reveal 10, Idebenone Cream  

Other Products: Exfoliating Cleanser, Quench, Chamomile Toner, Hydroxy Glow Mask (3x per week)

Morning Regimen: Olive Oil Cleanser, Serums, Idebenone Cream, Hydro Gel, Beauty Oil, Day 25

Evening Regimen: Olive Oil Cleanser, ALA, DMAE, Ester C, Beauty Oil, Idebenone Cream, Super Moist

Other Products: Quench, Chamomile Toner, Hydroxy Glow Mask (3x per week)

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Starter Kits: Our starter kits contain a hand picked set of products for different skin types and are a great way to get started using our products. 

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Skincare FAQ

Sun exposure can be very challenging for skin health. To offset some of the exposure I would first start with a very hydrating and soothing cleanser like our Olive Oil Cleanser for morning and evening.  I would also recommend our ALA (or alpha lipoic acid).  Its a great antioxidant that can help reduce redness and inflammation in the skin and should be used morning and evening time followed by your day or night cream.  As well as Idebenone Cream/SerumEster C and Copper Peptide Serum.

As well as wearing a wide brimmed hat when outside (or sunlight exposure inside like a car or patio) and clothing that covers as much skin as possible (i.e. long sleeve shirt, jackets, pants, leggings, long skirts/dresses) helps to minimize prolonged/excessive exposure of the sun on your skin.

If you have any other questions can we help with you are welcome to email us.

Based on your skin sensitivities I have chosen a simple routine for you to try.


Cleanse with Foaming Cleanser

Gold Serum around eyes



Cleanse with Foaming Cleanser

Gold Serum around eyes


Hydro Gel

A little goes a long way with our products so try only using one pump for full face application.

I would recommend products with Idebenone, a very powerful anti-aging antioxidant that does not irritate the skin like Retinols would. Also, look for serums that can seal in moisture and deeply penetrate the skin. Our Idebenone Cream, Hyaluronic C Serum and Eye Q Gel will give you the results you desire. I would also get our Beauty Pillow to help prevent further wrinkles as you sleep.

A full Anti-aging routine would be as follows:


Cleanse your skin with Olive Oil Cleanser

Eye Q Gel (around eyes... for more hydration you can pair it with the Eye Cream)

Hyaluronic C Serum

Day 25


Cleanse your skin with Olive Oil Cleanser

Eye Q Gel (around eyes... for more hydration you can pair it with the Eye Cream)

Hyaluronic C Serum

Idebenone Cream

I have received your questionnaire and I would love to help you find which of our products would work best for your skin. Based on the information you have provided I am going to recommend a full product routine concentrating on hydration and anti-aging. That being said here are the products I suggest and when to use them:


Cleanse your face with Foaming Cleanser

Eye Cream (around eyes)

Hyaluronic C Serum


Day 25


Cleanse your face with Foaming Cleanser

Eye Cream (around eyes)

Hyaluronic C Serum


For added results

Use the Chamomile Toner throughout the day and Reveal 10 two times a week at night for chemical exfoliation.

Thank you for choosing Vasseur for your skin care needs. I have received your email and based on the information provided, Yes, I think our Normal to Dry Skin Starter Kit would be a perfect simple start to our skincare line. It includes 1) The Olive Oil Cleanser, a hydrating pH-balanced cleanser designed to help leave your skin clean without feeling stripped. 2) The Day 25 cream is an all-in-one antioxidant moisturizer with SPF to apply during the day. 3) And last but not least the Supermoist cream is an intensive moisturizer filled with essential antioxidants to help improve firmness and radiance to apply in the evening.

I would add two more products to your skin care routine that's not included in the kit and that's the Hyaluronic C Serum and Eye Cream. Our Hyaluronic C Serum is very strong and effective and knowing that you use a Vitamin C Serum I feel like you will fall in love with this one. Everybody needs an eye cream and ours is an highly emollient enriched cream that will help to renew and hydrate the delicate eye area.

A little goes a long way with our products so try only using one pump for full face application and for the eye cream only a tiny bit is needed.

I received your email and have a few product suggestions for you. To answer your initial question yes you should use a moisturizer on top of your ALA. Ala will typically go first thing on your skin unless you are using a serum and then it will go on top of your serum. For a simple effective routine I would suggest our starter kit which will include your cleanserday cream with spf and a moisturizer. In addition I would use ALA and the eye cream or gold serum for the eye and mouth area.

I have received your questionnaire  and based on the information you have given I would recommend our Normal to Dry Skin Starter kit. This includes a gentle yet very effective pH balanced cleanser, an all encompassing SPF moisturizer for the day time and a highly effective treatment based moisturizer. And Quench this is designed for dry and dehydrated skin. I have put together a product routine for you using these products.


Product Routine



Cleanse with Olive Oil Cleanser

Apply one pump of Supermoist

Apply one pump of Day 25 over top



Cleanse with Olive Oil Cleanser

Apply one pump of Quench to damp skin

Day 25 is an all in one moisturizer with SPF and the Tinted version has a small amount of mineral foundation in it, the Glow version has the mineral foundation and shimmer powder.

The Super Moist is a moisturizer that has some built in treatments in it but does not have SPF so we generally recommend this one for night. As for DMAE, this is a treatment used to help tighten and firm the skin. Skin care rule of thumb when you are applying products you will apply them as follows: SERUMS - TREATMENTS - MOISTURIZERS - SPF. Since our Day 25 (tinted and glow version as well) is both a moisturizer and SPF that would be one application.

To help treat blackheads and whiteheads I would recommend our Mandelic Acid Serum, this you would apply every other night to start leading up to every night after a few weeks.

I hope this answered your questions. If you have any additional questions please feel free to send us an email or you can always call our clinic tue-sat to speak to one of our representatives.

Thank you for reaching out to us for help with your skin and skin routine. Battling acne can be hard so just know I am here to help. I have evaluated your email and below are my recommendations. Skin issues are multi-dimensional, so we have to address it both externally and Internally. I hope these steps help you attain your skin care goal.

1)    Go on a clear skin diet. Since your body is producing excess androgens, it’s very important that you go on a strict clear skin diet, as this will help naturally balance your body chemistry. This means absolutely no dairy, sugar or gluten. You see more detail about a clear skin diet in our eBook, Under My Skin. It should also be noted that animal products, especially non-organic, contain hormones that can make your acne worse, so they should also be avoided. The more serious you are following your clear skin diet, the better chance you will have of clearing your acne naturally. In addition to avoiding dairy, sugar, gluten and animal products, you should dramatically increase your consumption of water, vegetables and a whole food, plant based diet.

2)    Detox your liver. Going on a juice cleanse and drinking dandelion tea and milk thistle will help naturally detox your liver.

3)    Kill the bacteria. While the excess of androgens triggers oil buildup, it’s bacteria on your skin that creates the infection that causes pimples and sets off the body’s immune response that leads to the redness & swelling. Because of this, it’s critical that you use products that will kill that bacteria on your skin and keep it clean. You also want to be using products that are non-pore clogging and paraben & synthetic free.

4) Get a facial. Lastly, we recommend getting regular (monthly or twice-monthly) deep cleaning facials. Over time, dirt, pollution, oil and bacteria get deeply lodged in your pores and getting a facial removes build up.

New Product routine:


Cleanse with Foaming Cleanser


Day 25



Cleanse with Foaming Cleanser

Mandelic Acid


Hydro Gel

I have received your email and would love to help find the best products for your concerns. I would first like to go over factors that trigger melanin production.


External Factors

* UV sun exposure, wear a hat

* Heat from the Sun

* Overuse of strong chemical peels and laser procedures

* Excessive picking at blemishes

* Excessive rubbing of an area (i.e. using a sweat band, rubs on your forehead while working out)

* Perfume


Internal/Hormonal Factors

* Prescription medications

* Menopause

* Pregnancy

* Birth Control Pills


That being said I would recommend our Mandelic Acid and Day 25 to start. Mandelic Acid has the unique ability to target a number of different skin care issues, such as repairing skin damaged by photo-aging, combating hyper-pigmentation and treating acne, without irritation that can be caused by other alpha hydroxy acids. And the Day 25 is a great lightweight all in one moisturizer with SPF. As for the dark circles under your eyes I would recommend the Eye Q Gel, this eye treatment is very effective in not only reducing the appearance of dark circles but also tightening the under eye area. (For additional hydration and repair you could use the Gold Serum over top of the Eye Q Gel.)

You have picked such wonderful products, I am glad you are enjoying them. I would add the DMAE first out of the three products you have chosen based on what you already have. The DMAE fights against sagging muscles by promoting the production of acetylcholine, the chemical responsible for creating muscle tone. By triggering a response that tones the muscles, the result  is firmer, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles. ALA will help boost the effectiveness of the DMAE in addition to increasing the skin's metabolism causing the skin cells to take in more nutrients, remove waste and revitalize damaged skin components. This will help with redness and your pore size. Both ALA and DMAE are powerful antioxidant treatment creams that should be used together for best results and applied after cleansing before your moisture. A little goes a long way with these products so one pump should be enough to apply on the face/neck and another 1/2 a pump for décolleté. ALA should be applied first, wait a min and then apply DMAE.

This is how I would use the products you have.


Cleanse with either Foaming Cleanser or Olive Oil Cleanser

Apply Gold Serum around eyes



Your SPF or you could try our Day 25


Cleanse with either Foaming Cleanser or Olive Oil Cleanser

Apply Gold Serum around eyes

Mandelic Acid

Hyaluronic C Serum

Night Cream