Skincare Q&As

Skincare Q&As

Question:  I have combination skin T-zone oily and the rest is dry. And my skin is really sensitive and in my 30's and I'm focusing on anti-aging but I wonder what skincare line would suit me best. What is the difference between these creams: Supermoist cream, day 25 cream, day glow, & day tinted? Are they all moisturizers? Can you use one or the other? What is DMAE for? Can DMAE cream replace Supermoist cream? Do you carry any treatments black or white nose heads?


Answer:   Day 25 is an all in one moisturizer with SPF and the Tinted version has a small amount of mineral foundation in it, the Glow version has the mineral foundation and shimmer powder.
The Super Moist is a moisturizer that has some built in treatments in it but does not have SPF so we generally recommend this one for night. As for DMAE, this is a treatment used to help tighten and firm the skin. Skin care rule of thumb when you are applying products you will apply them as follows: SERUMS - TREATMENTS - MOISTURIZERS - SPF. Since our Day 25 (tinted and glow version as well) is both a moisturizer and SPF that would be one application.
To help treat blackheads and whiteheads I would recommend our Mandelic Acid Serum, this you would apply every other night to start leading up to every night after a few weeks.

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