Season: It’s That Time of the Year

Season: It’s That Time of the Year

There’s something fishy that happens around the skin care world come fall. Acne sufferers and their doctors have long noticed that acne tends to flare up in this season. Many dermatologists report double the number of visits from acne patients in November compared to May or June.

Marketing studies show that over-the counter acne medications sales peak dramatically in November and December. All kinds of explanations for acne’s seasonal nature have been offered. Most frequently blamed is the start of the school year, with exam pressures and increased sports and social schedules.

There is also an increase in testosterone production. A French endocrinologist, Alain Reimberg, noted a dramatic seasonal difference, with testosterone levels reaching their high in October and their low in May. This fluctuation of hormones is apparently triggered by the changing day lengths, or more specifically, by changes in exposure to ultraviolet light.

If you do notice a definite pattern to your acne flare-up, you can increase your acne treatment program in late summer and early fall to stay ahead of your body’s hormone rhythms. Make sure to get your regular facials to keep your skin problems at bay.


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