How To Apply Sunscreen Correctly To The Face

How To Apply Sunscreen Correctly To The Face

Knowing that a sunscreen moisturizer is the number one BEST anti-aging product in the world when worn every single day of the year, rain or shine, inside or out, (because damaging UV rays do penetrate through windows in your home or office), it is really important to make sure that you apply it the correct way. Add in that the SPF number isn’t necessarily a guarantee of proper protection, but rather how generously you apply it, here is my recommendation for proper application of your daily sunscreen moisturizer like Day 25 or Day Matte .

How to apply sunscreen:

Step 1: After applying your skin serum, and skin treatment like ALA, take a quarter size amount of sunscreen and first apply it to the neck area. (If you’re wearing a bathrobe, you’ll want to remove it because the collar will interfere with proper application on the sides of the neck.)

Step 2: When applying to the neck, apply in upward strokes to the front of the neck, and then, working sideways, apply to the sides of the neck, all the way to the hairline in the back of your head. This will ensure that you are covering the area well…

Step 3: Apply a dime-sized amount to the chest area if you’re going to be wearing a V-neck shirt or any clothing that allows the chest to be exposed. Let dry.

Step 4: Apply a dime to nickel-sized to your fingertips, rub it together in your fingers and starting from the sides of the nose outwards to the ears, apply it generously. Then apply to the forehead, nose, chin, and upper lip area. You’ll want to make sure that you’re very thorough in your application by extending it all the way up and out to the hairline. If you need to apply more to ensure a thick coat on the face, be sure to do so.

Step 5: Whatever is leftover on the fingers, apply some to the tops of your ears and earlobes.

Step 6: Proceed with makeup, ideally a mineral-based makeup that will offer additional sun protection such as ColorScience SPF 50 Mineral Powder.

Note: the reason why I suggest you spread the sunscreen in your fingers first, versus putting on dollops onto the face and then spreading, is simply that you’re more likely to get an even application when you spread it out in your fingers first.


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