F is for Failure: Past Acne Treatments

F is for Failure: Past Acne Treatments

Unfortunately, a large number of people with acne who face up to the disease and seek medical care encounter disappointment. Acne is a hereditary disease; thus, nearly every acne sufferer has acne-affected relatives who’ve taken on a “been there, done that” stance on acne treatment. And most likely, they have been discouraging, spreading the word that treatment is a waste of time and money. Those who choose self-treatment have fared little better. About 89% do try a form of self-treatment, for over $300 million worth of over-the-counter acne preparations are sold per year.

Many of the acne medications merely play games with the skin surface and do nothing for the problem deep underneath where the acne is occurring. Other products do contain the necessary ingredients, benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid, but are formulated badly such that the drug’s effectiveness is canceled out.

We can control acne, simply and inexpensively. All that is needed is a clear understanding of how, why, and what works, plus the determination to stick to a consistent regimen. There simply should be no guessing involved when treating acne. It may not be as easy as swallowing a pill, but it’s a lot easier than living with a disease that can ravage the skin—and completely ruin your social life and self-esteem.

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