Cosmetics: To Use or not to Use, that is the Question

Cosmetics: To Use or not to Use, that is the Question

You think you’ve got it really going well while you dab on that concealer, slap on the foundation, and powder your face like a sandstorm exploded on it. You’ve got MAC, Revlon, and NARS all over your face, surely you’re looking good, right? Nope.

Most cosmetics chemists are men (sorry guys, you don’t wear makeup and use skincare products like we do). They are the ones formulating the stuff you put on your face, or hair goop you put on your head, or face wash that you lather up on your face. So you think it is safe because it says “ non-comedogenic” or “does not clog pores”? You’re wrong; not only do they clog pores—acne products in the market, whether prescription or not, “fill up” your pores. (I know that sucks, but I’ve been investigating this for the last 30+ years.)

If an evil genius wished to harm the skin of men and women, he could not have devised a better tool than cosmetics. Rubbing more oils into the skin is the worst possible thing an acne sufferer can do. Some cosmetic ingredients are so potent that they can induce a form of acne even in women who are not otherwise acne-prone. In fact, one out of every three women can expect to be affected by the condition dermatologists are now calling acne cosmetica. It is no small problem.

Acne cosmetica may be affecting 30 million women in this country. While no one in the beauty industry, I’m sure, set out to intentionally ruin the complexions of millions of women, sadly, it is happening. What originally began as an accident born out of ignorance continues today in the name of commercial expediency.


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