The Most Annoying Method to Wash Your Face!

The Most Annoying Method to Wash Your Face!

Are you one of those people who, when washing their faces, start with hot water, or steaming to “open the pores” and end by rinsing the suds out with cold water to “close the pores”?

Well, you’re merely complicating things for no reason. The size and shape of your pores cannot be changed. Their size is genetically predetermined. you can’t “open” or “close” pores. They have no muscle to accomplish this feat. your pore openings stay the same size, unless an impaction such as a blackhead pushes up and dilates the opening. And in fact, hot water or steam “artificially” creates the effect of closing the pore openings by causing the surrounding skin to temporarily swell. And cold water, if anything, would cause the pore openings to seem larger or more “open,” which is just the opposite.

The next time you hear someone recommend this hot water, cold water phenomenon, you can promptly tell them to simply “close” their mouths. Facials do clean out your pores so they are not full of dirt. A licensed esthetician does this and I recommend getting an extracting facial once a month, like I did.


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