Skincare Q&As

Skincare Q&As

Question:  I've suffered with deep acne (a new pimple almost daily) that turns my face very red and I think blood gets under my skin. My cheeks are red and have indents from scars. I don't wear face makeup ever I only wash and put lotion on because I'm so scared to try anything else on my face because nothing seems to do the job. Id love to send you a picture of my skin so you can see what it looks like. Thank you so much, talk to you soon!


Answer: Thank you for reaching out to us for help with your skin and skin routine. Battling acne can be hard so just know I am here to help. I have evaluated your email and below are my recommendations. Skin issues are multi-dimensional, so we have to address it both externally and Internally. I hope these steps help you attain your skin care goal.

1)    Go on a clear skin diet. Since your body is producing excess androgens, it’s very important that you go on a strict clear skin diet, as this will help naturally balance your body chemistry. This means absolutely no dairy, sugar or gluten. You see more detail about a clear skin diet in our eBook, Under My Skin. It should also be noted that animal products, especially non-organic, contain hormones that can make your acne worse, so they should also be avoided. The more serious you are following your clear skin diet, the better chance you will have of clearing your acne naturally. In addition to avoiding dairy, sugar, gluten and animal products, you should dramatically increase your consumption of water, vegetables and a whole food, plant based diet.

2)    Detox your liver. Going on a juice cleanse and drinking dandelion tea and milk thistle will help naturally detox your liver.

3)    Kill the bacteria. While the excess of androgens triggers oil buildup, it’s bacteria on your skin that creates the infection that causes pimples and sets off the body’s immune response that leads to the redness & swelling. Because of this, it’s critical that you use products that will kill that bacteria on your skin and keep it clean. You also want to be using products that are non-pore clogging and paraben & synthetic free.

4) Get a facial. Lastly, we recommend getting regular (monthly or twice-monthly) deep cleaning facials. Over time, dirt, pollution, oil and bacteria get deeply lodged in your pores and getting a facial removes build up.

New Product routine:


Cleanse with Foaming Cleanser


Day 25



Cleanse with Foaming Cleanser

Mandelic Acid


Hydro Gel


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