I Woke Up With A Big Blemish On My Face, Now What?

I Woke Up With A Big Blemish On My Face, Now What?

Solution: Calm down inflammation quickly

  1. Apply ice for five minutes. A blemish is a sign of inflammation. Applying an ice cube in a baggie, directly on the bump for five minutes every three hours can help reduce redness and swelling because of the cold temperature, and it also allows the ant blemish product to penetrate better.
  2. Apply a spot treatment. When most blemishes appear, they are in their red, swollen and inflamed stage. You’ll want to apply a soothing treatment to help reduce the appearance of the blemish. This includes either a nondrying, anti-inflammatory spot treatment like Mandelic Acid Serum or ALA treatment. Both of these solutions not only attempt to reduce the inflammation and redness, but they do it without over-drying and turning the area into a crusty, flaky mess. The goal with any blemish is to not only make it go away as quickly as possible but also to make it able to hide under concealer easily.
  3. Don’t pick at the blemish. Again, the key to making an unexpected blemish less noticeable is to not disrupt the skin’s surface. As we all know, picking a blemish only results in an oozing, bleeding, messy scab. A picked-at blemish is much harder to conceal and will be far more noticeable than a closed bump.


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