I Don’t Have Acne, I Just Have “Complexion Problems”

I Don’t Have Acne, I Just Have “Complexion Problems”

Yes, and Hollywood stars don’t diet either; they just naturally lose weight. This is the biggest BS you can tell yourself. I know because that was me. Some acne sufferers will insist that they just have oily skin, occasional blemishes, or an allergy, but not acne!

Anatomically, through a microscope, they’re all the same. One pimple is as much acne for that particular pore as acne is in 50 different pores. Furthermore, scars develop one pore at a time. So even if you’ve had only one bad pimple each month, you could acquire 60 scars during a five-year bout with acne—which is the same number you might gather from a year of five bad lesions per month. Acne is acne, whatever the visible degree of severity.

Obviously, you cannot treat a disease whose existence you deny. It’s time to acknowledge what you see in the mirror.


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