Beauty Balm

Beauty Balm
$ 10.00

Did you know that you consume about 25% of what you put on your lips? Most chapstick on the market contains dangerous synthetics including petroleum and mineral oil (by-products of gasoline production) - that you consume! Vasseur has created an effective, all-natural solution to chapped lips with our new Beauty Balm. Beauty Balm contains olive oil, honey and other natural healing oils in a soy wax base that work together to penetrate and heal even the most stubborn chapped lips. Beauty Balm can be used on any dry patch of skin, including the lips, elbows, ankles and knees.

Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, honey, argon oil, calendula (healing oil), oregeno oil, vassopeptides, lycene (amino acid for healing), shea butter, organic pumpkinseed oil, soy wax.

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